Free Skull Beading Chart (and ramblings, yeah!)

As it turns out, I had to get surgery in the last week of November, with an expected recovery period of 4 months, which left me lying in bed with too much free time and nothing to do but read and dream. Fortunately I’m healing really fast (my doc is both surprised and impressed every time I see him), so I’ve been given a revised estimate of 2 months, YAY!

That still leaves me a lot of free time, though, since I can’t work as many hours as I used to. I’ve been told that I should cut down the amount of time I spend sitting on my behind in front of the computer, even after I recover completely. Of course, there is only one way I can keep from going mad, since I’ve read almost all the books I own… It’s crafting time!

Normally, I like to start every new hobby with attempts at creating complex and advanced pieces, which almost never ends well (although sometimes I surprise even myself). Since I have the attention span of a 5-year old, I decided to try starting with something simple, i.e. something I’m actually likely to complete.

I’ve always been intrigued by handmade jewelry and wanted to try making a few pieces ‘someday’. Well, someday is now. I ordered a bunch of tools and supplies online (will probably post reviews for different Indian craft sites soon) and spent a few days scouring the Internet for tutorials, ideas and tips. A personal obsession with mermaids, dragons and skulls led to this: My first beading chart (Project, tutorial and step-by-step pictures will follow as soon as I decide which beads to use). 🙂

Feel free to use and share this chart if you’d like to, but please provide a link back to this post and let me know if you have used it. I’d love to see your finished designs!



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